Protect Your Brand & Valued Customers.

Add trust and authenticity to your brand and build
stronger relationships with your vendors, distributors and customers.

Secured Brands

Authenticate your Products and Channels

Quickly add your unprotected products into the system. It is important to start early and make authenticity a part of your brand’s story before the first counterfeit ever hits the market. Don’t allow counterfeiters to get their foot in the door! If your products are successfully selling then they are already at excessively high risk. secures each one of your products with a unique fingerprint, making every single unit certifiably authentic.

Authentication Supply Chain Distribution

When a customer receives a protected product they are able to quickly guarantee its authenticity by scanning the product’s code. Give customers peace of mind that the product they received is in fact the product they purchased.

Testimonials has been an invaluable part of our business. I only wish we had it when we started, before the first counterfeit ever showed up on the market. Building trust with our customers by guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of our products is of paramount importance to us.

Casey Danford

CEO, Training Mask

Connect With Customers

Obtain and regain your customer from market places like Amazon, big-box stores and potential rogue resellers.