Protect. Prevent. Be Authentic.

Benefits & Features

We Give you the tools you need to prevent and stop counterfeiters while opening communication and building trust with your customers.

Protect your Brand

You worked hard to build a brand. Stop others from leveraging your name and tarnishing your reputation.

Prevent Revenue Loss

Counterfeiters can absorb the majority of product sales, drive your prices down, and severely damage your brand’s reputation, resulting in unimaginable expense and revenue loss.

Recapture Your Customer

Registering your brand with us gives you the ability to re-engage your customer even on platforms that claim your customer is “their customer”.

Protect (Manufacture Agree Pricing)

Manufactures can now have a sense of security when selling to distributors or retailers. Its as simple as a scan to track and trace any product back to its origination, Giving the customer the support and care they deserve from authentics trusted brands.


Protect Unlimited Products & Variations

We give you the flexibility to protect your brand whether you have one product or an entire product line.

  • Each code is unique and dynamic for better protection.
  • No stress about how many times your products are scanned. Scans and registrations are free!
  • codes do not expire in active accounts.
  • FKNSKU’s are easy to print within our online app

Authentic Dashboard

Get started immediately with the tools you need.

  • Add products manually or with our Amazon API import function on Enterprise.
  • Access real-time analytics and customer data any time.
  • Export registration data to CSV for your records or external correlation.

It's Time to Take Control with Authentic

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and selling channels.

  • Track product scans/validations and registrations.
  • Gain access to customers from Amazon, big-box retailers and other selling channels that are traditionally shielded.
  • Geographically track your customer base. has been an invaluable part of our business. I only wish we had it when we started, before the first counterfeit ever showed up on the market. Building trust with our customers by guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of our products is of paramount importance to us.

Training Mask, Inc – CEO

Casey Danford

Authentic training mask

Print & FBA Labels

Begin printing labels on supported printers immediately.

  • Print branded labels.
  • Print Amazon FBA FNSKU labels along with your labels.
  • Support for low cost readily available printers.